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Les enduits Stef is a leader manufacturer in the field of acrylic coatings and stucco. Since their appearance on the North American market, exterior insulation systems with acrylic coatings have grown considerably. The latter could only be achieved with the offer of quality systems that meet the needs of contractors, designers and especially our loyal customers.

Les enduits Stef is a leading manufacturer specializing in the production of polymer-based coatings used to coat the exterior and interior walls of family homes, commercial and industrial buildings, schools, churches, etc These coatings are available in 96 colors and different textures.

Les enduits STEF Inc. offers different insulation systems and exterior finishes that can meet all the needs of contractors and designers.

The offer also includes expanded polystyrene moldings and columns used for interior and exterior decoration of construction projects.

Offices Stef coatings

Among the products, you will find coatings and sealants for surface waterproofing and concrete mass.

Les enduits Stef is a leader in the field of acrylic coatings, and it benefits from the expertise of its qualified personnel to focus on what we believe will be the success of the future: quality and service. These objectives, shared by all the staff, are the guarantee of the satisfaction of all our customers.

Quality, Research and Development Program
The importance given to our manufacturing and distribution operations, sanctioned by our quality program of research and development, demonstrates our commitment to elevating our products and our services to a level of excellence. The results of a large number of tests, as: freeze-thaw stress test, multi-surface adhesion test, resistance to fire, acid rain, ultraviolet rays, and many more. which have been successfully completed, are a good reflection of the quality and durability of our products. All of our acrylic-based products have been manufactured to withstand the North American weather conditions. They will give you assured results, when used according to STEF specifications and installed by applicators approved by the company.

Customer service
Les enduits Stef offers customer service that takes many facets. If you want details on the specificity of any of our products, our tech support will always be happy to answer your questions. In addition, we will also always be happy to go on site to advise as needed: architects, designers, applicators and customers who request it. Finally, in addition to the quality of our products and our services, we have obtained special recognition from our customers: that of the accuracy and speed of our distribution service.