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Our history


Ours is the story of a pioneering manufacturer of acrylic coatings to protect and enhance residential and industrial buildings. Founded in 1988, Les enduits Stef is constantly innovating to keep the same position, the leader in acrylic coatings made in Canada for the harshest climates in the world.



At Les enduits Stef, we are building a sustainable tomorrow, one building at a time. Take part in our history, to build, protect and beautify your home, your business or your industry with Stef Nov products.

What we do

STEF Coatings Inc. is a manufacturer of acrylic coatings, used to cover exterior and interior walls and floors for family residences, commercial and industrial buildings. Concerned about detail, and to adapt to each project, the company has developed a hundred colors and a catalog of textures that vary from the smoothest to the roughest surfaces.

In addition, the company offers several complete building envelope systems. Stef Nov systems include all the components of the exterior shell of the house, being the turnkey solution for architects and construction contractors. Systems include air barriers, water barriers, insulation, reinforcement and exterior sheathing; all done here for the weather conditions here.

How we do it

Les Enduits STEF is a human company , close to the needs of construction professionals, architects and consumers. Since the beginning, Stef has stood out for its customer service, developing cutting-edge solutions for beautiful living and working environments that are sheltered from the elements.

Stef and the environment

Sustainable development is at the heart of our concerns. At Les enduits Stef, we are committed to the quality of our products to guarantee the durability of your projects, for more comfortable buildings in more sustainable environments.

For us, sustainable development requires an integrated approach that takes into account environmental concerns and economic development. With this in mind, Les enduits Stef offers products that protect buildings from energy waste, quickly and at market prices.

Stef products stand out for being one of the only ones to be formulated with entirely acrylic polymers, making it possible to protect new buildings and buildings under renovation from bad weather and damage from water and air infiltration. Our research and development department has perfected the use of elastic 100% acrylic polymers, capable of increasing the value of homes, commercial or industrial buildings, reducing its impact on the environment and thus fulfilling our social responsibility. All with products that are easy to apply and of unequaled durability.


Exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS)

Stef premium EIFS are designed to insulate, to protect, and to enhance any new or renovated building. Turnkey systems available to apply on any construction material.

Products Stef Nov

Committed to R&D and innovation, Les enduits Stef offers you the complete Stef Nov range, to prepare, repair and beautify any building.