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Les enduits Stef manufactures a wide range of products in different textures and colors to adapt to each project. Product applications are for waterproofing, base coats, finish coats, colored primers and materials needed for the application of coats.

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Waterproofing coatings

Stef Barrier Plus

Stef Barrier Plus is a cementitious membrane used as a waterproofing coating.

Stef Tek

Stef-Tex is a liquid waterproofing membrane.

Stef-Tek RLX

Stef-Tek RLX is a roller-applied liquid waterproofing membrane.

Basic coatings

Stef 5000

Stef 5000 is a base coating used to level brick walls.

Stef Primer

Stef Primer is a base coating used as an adhesive for insulation panels, to cover and retain the fiberglass mesh

Stef Prep Coat

Insulation board adhesive, to cover and retain the fiberglass mesh and also as a leveling layer

Stef Base Coat NCBC

Stef Base Coat NCBC is an exterior base coat with non-combustible properties.

Stef Primix

Adhesive base coating for insulation board, to cover and retain fiberglass mesh and leveling layer.

Stef Joint

Stef Joint is a base coating designed for interior walls.

Stef Base Coat

Base coat and component of the Exterior Insulation and Finishing System.

Stef Joint XL

Stef Joint – XL is a 100% acrylic polymer based surfacing compound.

Finishing coats

Stef Architectural Coat

Finishing acrylic wall coating for exteriors, textured with sand grains of 1, 1.5 or 1.6 mm.

Stef Spray Finish

Finishing acrylic wall coating for SIFE system, exterior and interior use.

Stef SandBlast

Finishing acrylic wall coating for exterior and interior use. Lightly sanded texture, ribless and soft to the touch.

Stef Granex

Finishing acrylic wall coating for exterior and interior use. Texture with medium sand grains of 1.5 mm.

Stef Tex-Vermi

Stef Tex-Vermi is an acrylic coating that is applied with a gravity gun on ceilings
interiors and exteriors.

Stef Brume

Stef Brume is an acrylic finishing coating for the SIFE system, for use on exterior and interior walls.

Stef Finishing 288

The Stef Finish 288 layer is an acrylic finishing coating for the SIFE system,
use on exterior walls.

Stef Rustic

Wall finishing plaster for exterior and interior use.

Colored primers

Stef Pintura

Stef Pintura is a liquid filler based on 100% acrylic resins.

Stef Roll-On

Stef Roll-on gives a color with a matte finish that coordinates very well with exterior and interior plasters.

Stef Elastoroll

Stef Elastoroll is a high elasticity coating available in 96 colours.

Glues and thinners

Stef GL 50

Stef GL 50 is a cement adhesive made from high performance polymer for applications on concrete.

Stef GL

Stef GL is a coating of cement glue to make it more adhesive and flexible.

Stef Th

Stef Th is a thinner for plaster used instead of water to dilute finishing plasters when necessary.


Fiberglass mesh

The fiberglass trellises offered by Les enduits Stef are in different weights. Choose the one for your system, either the 4.5 oz / 6 oz / 11 oz / 15.4 oz / 21 oz.


Mechanical fasteners

Stef mechanical fasteners are used to attach insulation panels to exterior wall surfaces.

Mechanical fasteners are a set of plastic screws and washers.

Roxul Rockboard insulation board

Roxul Rockboard Insulation Board is a rigid rock wool board that is lightweight, water repellent, fire resistant and sound absorbent.

Flat insulation board

The Flat Insulation Panel from Les enduits Stef is made of expanded polystyrene containing an additive that retards the spread of flames.

Quik-R insulation panel

Stef Quik-R insulation panel in polyisocyanurate covered on both sides with fiberglass. Quik-R is used as a support for class PM and PB coatings.

GD drainage board

The GD drainage panel is an expanded polystyrene insulating panel with drainage cavities.

This type of panel contains a flame retardant additive.

PVC moldings

Les enduits Stef offers PVC moldings for the various STEF exterior cladding systems.